How can curtains uplift the decor of your rooms

Curtains are fabrics that have multiple advantages. Their use is not just limited to limiting excess light and maintaining privacy, but much more than that. Today, curtains have become one of the main accessories to complete the d├ęcor of your homes. The look of a simple window changes completely when it is draped exceptionally well with the perfect curtain fabric.

Let us see some useful tips about curtains that can help change the look of your house:

Window sized curtains should be used in case the room is smaller. If there is ample space, then full length curtains can be used on half windows.

For smaller rooms, avoid using curtains with multiple colors and combine only two colors. Any deviation from this makes the room look smaller and cluttered.

Dark colored curtains do not allow the light to penetrate through, which makes the room small.

Select curtain fabric to compliment the furniture in your room or in contrast to it.

You can choose to combine opaque and semi-transparent curtains to get dual benefits. You will get light during day with the curtains spread out and sufficient privacy at night.

If you have large windows which get a lot of sunlight or any area which is exposed to light, it is recommended to use neutral color curtains there. This will protect them from fading.

If you have furnished your room extremely well and the overall look is on the heavier side, then pick neutral colors and sober patterned curtains.

An empty space in your house can be covered with curtains having self-embroidery and lace.

Satin textured curtains seem to be very sophisticated and add warmth to the room.

Curtains having brocade patterns and prints are very useful if your living room or your bedroom are large and spacious. These curtains tend to add a luxurious effect to the room.

For children’s room, it is advisable to use bright colors with floral prints.

These days curtain liners are available in market. You can choose these liners and fix them on your windows. Curtain liners serve two purposes: they can black out the area exposed to a lot of light and are good at controlling temperature to come extent. Additionally, they also increase the durability of curtains.

So next time you are planning to change the look of your house or are thinking of a re-do, keep these quick tips handy. You may also consider hiring an upholstery service provider . Changing curtains is the easiest and the most economical way of giving a complete new look to your rooms.

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