Change The Look Of Your Wall

A well accentuated feature wall breaks up monotony and dresses up a bored looking room. A new look on the wall builds character. To get creative, rope in a reliable wallpaper supplier in Singapore to determine what suits both you and the home and most importantly, the purse. An ordinary looking wall can transform into something special with the right design and technique.

Nothing says it better than a feature wall, which must be a standalone piece in a room. If you add the same theme to the rest of the room, it destroys momentum by looking garish and splotchy. Going for a 3D effect changes the tone and does away with the same old storyline. Metallic rustic sheen is a great way to add some swag to a dull wall.

If you are on a spree to do the wallpapering on your own, make sure that you clean the walls of any crack or holes. Check for any damp spots, otherwise the wallpaper will not stick. This may also cause a problem with your health and the paper will start peeling real soon. The next step is to work on the drop that starts from the ceiling all the way down to the skirting. Leave about 10-15 centimeters on the top and the bottom to trim the paper.

Wallpapering is not an easy job, and if you are unsure, just call in the professionals. Learn the routine and the next time try it out, for size! If there is a major goof up, you may end up spending more than you bargained for, hence leave it to the professionals! The point is that it may look easy, but why go down this route when you can have the experts do their job?

For a while, the wood pallet theme had everyone flocking for this tone, but over time, it has died down. Nevertheless, it does not have to be out the door in your book. If you want the depth and character that the look of wooden wallpaper does to your wall, go for it. To get the tone and texture right is not an easy job, so if you need help, ask for it, period.

A granite wall or a stone wall is not easy on the pocket. You can get the look with the wallpaper supplier from Singapore by accentuating the wall with wallpaper that looks like the real deal. The idea is to bring out the tone of the room while doing away with drudgery, adding sophistication to boot.

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