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Restylane: The Complete Guide To Skincare

Restylane is a well known gel that is made up of Hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar present in the human body that helps to maintain its volume as well as shape. Hyaluronic acid possesses the property of attracting water molecules and that is why this substance is called hydrophilic in nature. When Restylane is injected inside the human body, it starts binding with the natural water stores inside the body leading to improved plumping, this ultimately results in a youthful, smoother and firmer appearance.

Why Restylane?

This substance is popularly used for treatment of wrinkles and unwanted creases around the lips or mouth, as well as for under eye lines. You can also use this technique for enhancement of lip volume as for many people, the loss of lip volume with aging is their biggest trouble. Restylane injections are approved by the FDA for skincare treatments as they do not leave any side effects.

Instant beauty:

Restylane is one of the best options for those who need an instant beauty boost. It can be used for enhancing your looks for your wedding, for birthday parties or for reunions. You will find its long lasting results so beautiful and they will give you a natural look.

About the treatment:

First of all, you need to select the area for treatment and discuss your requirements with your doctor. The restylane injection process actually takes time, ranging from a few minutes to one hour so this process can be completed within your office lunch break.

The best thing to know is that you can immediately return back to your work after treatment as it does not disrupt your routine life schedule. Doctors make use of a very fine needle that may cause a little pain as well as discomfort at the time of treatment. Most of the time, doctors make use of anaesthetic to numb the skin under treatment. One more option for staying away from all discomfort is to use Restylane- L for injection as it consists of lidocaine so it is a better option. Studies have proven that almost 72% people have reported minute discomfort with Restylane-L formulation.

What are possible side effects?

Although no major side effect is found yet, people consider swelling and redness as one of its side effects. However, they are minor issues and will disappear within few days. There is no need to do allergy testing for this treatment and you will be glad to know that restylane does not possess any protein extract from animals.

How long will the results last?

The results will start appearing immediately after treatment but complete effect will be observed only after a few days. As hyaluronic acid works by combining all the water store houses inside body, the process takes a little time and finally reduces dryness in the body while making it much smoother, firmer and youthful. It would be preferable to contact under eye fillers Singapore experts for complete details about this process.