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Why IPL Is Perfect For You

The Intense Pulse Light aka IPL technology is being used by medical and cosmetic practitioners around the world for performing a number of skin treatment therapies. Depending on the requirements of your skin, Dr. Isabelle Yeoh of IYAC Singapore would suggest to you a combination of light and laser therapy. It goes without saying that you can avail the best IPL treatment in Singapore only at IYAC , the top aesthetic clinic of Singapore. This treatment is suitable for all kinds of skin helps to remedy a number of skin conditions. Some of the skin problems which can be reduced by this treatment include acne, pigmentation, open pores, uneven texture, redness and facial veins.

Kinds of IPL treatment being offered at IYAC

IPL for rejuvenation of skin- This treatment would dramatically enhance your skin’s tone and texture, resulting in a marked decrease in open pores. The IPL beams are applied on the face of the patient, where it turns to heat energy and positively affects the tone and texture of your skin. It also helps to lower the process of skin discoloration and boosts the renewal of cells.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation (RevLite) – In this procedure, the light emitted from the laser permeates the upper skin layer and removes all the deep seated pigmentation. It also boosts the process of cell renewal and addresses the problem of skin pigmentation.

Fotona or Laser for spider veins- In this treatment, the light energy is used to lower the occurrence of broken capillaries on the facial surface.

Dual Yellow Laser or IPL for acne- The yellow light used here helps to exterminate the acne causing bacteria, thus removing all active acne. The Dual Yellow Laser also helps to address the problems of redness, melasma, and scars.

The IPL treatment doesn’t involve any side effects. This non surgical procedure comes with zero downtime and patients can resume their daily activities immediately after a session. The only possible side effect is redness and swelling, which generally dissipates within a few days after the session. The laser circuit session at IYAC lasts about 45-50 minutes.

3 steps in the laser circuit treatment

IPL treatment Singapore involves 3 steps:

Microdermabrasion- In this step, the old dead cells on the surface of your skin are gently removed, giving you a smooth texture.

Laser treatment- A combination of light and laser selected by your Doctor would be given for addressing your specific skin condition.

LED Gentlewaves- This is a concluding light treatment, which helps in the healing of wounds and makes the skin radiant.

People who are photosensitive should not go for the IPL treatment. Moreover people with dark skin tones need to make an appointment with Dr. Yeoh and get them assessed for suitability.

Results- The improvement in your skin texture is a slow process and needs a few sessions to become more apparent. Usually most people do well with 3-6 sessions, with one session every month. The use of a good sunscreen is absolutely recommended for prolonging the results of the laser treatment.

4 Benefits of laser skin treatment

Are you fed up with your skin problems? There is no doubt that laser treatment is the best way for rejuvenating your skin. It will enhance your beauty, thus making you feel more gorgeous. It is also necessary that you should choose a well-experienced aesthetician for laser treatment, otherwise it can cause skin damage. There are many advantages of laser treatment such as:-

  1. Even tone:-

Pigmentation, discoloration and sun spots are some of the harmful effects of sun rays. Your skin can have an uneven tone due to aging. The active FX laser resurfacing and photofacial can help you in getting a smooth even tone and eliminating discoloration in a natural and convenient manner. Thus laser treatment is able to remove damaged skin cells and your skin will appear clean and fresh. The new skin cells will tighten the complexion and create a youthful texture.

  1. Wrinkle free skin:-

It is one of the most effective methods for removing wrinkles and fine lines. Most women do not smile properly because they are worried of having wrinkles. As you grow older, your aging skin starts losing its capability to produce collagen in your body. Collagen plays an important role in keeping your skin smooth and wrinkle free. The ability of your skin to generate collagen can be restored by using a laser treatment in Singapore. The laser is applied below the surface of skin to stimulate the blood vessels and collagen.

  1. Skin whitening:-

Many people spend a lot of money on beauty products so that their skin can look whiten but it lasts only for few days. On the other hand, a laser treatment will give you an ever-lasting effect. It also works faster compared to other treatments. You will observe its results within 2 or 3 weeks. There will not be dark spots on your skin. Thus, you will not regret spending money on laser treatment.

  1. Eliminates acne scars:-

The blemishes and acne scars are the most common skin problems found in youth. It is difficult to diminish acne when you’re an adult. Thus, you should get rid of it while you’re young.

If you want to eliminate your obstinate acne scars permanently then you should consider laser skin treatment over topical products. The types of laser treatment for treating adult acne are pixilation, fractional laser, carbon dioxide laser and frazel laser. If you get four to six treatments within two months, the scars will be removed completely. This treatment is also effective in eradicating warts and moles by resurfacing the face with a laser peel.

  • Tips for choosing the best aesthetician:-

Here are some tips that you can follow to select the best aesthetician.

  • The aesthetic clinic must be registered by a regulatory body.
  • The aesthetician should also be well qualified for treating skin problems.
  • The environment of the clinic must be calm so that you can feel good during treatment.
  • There should also be cleanliness in the clinic in order to avoid skin infections.

Restylane: The Complete Guide To Skincare

Restylane is a well known gel that is made up of Hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar present in the human body that helps to maintain its volume as well as shape. Hyaluronic acid possesses the property of attracting water molecules and that is why this substance is called hydrophilic in nature. When Restylane is injected inside the human body, it starts binding with the natural water stores inside the body leading to improved plumping, this ultimately results in a youthful, smoother and firmer appearance.

Why Restylane?

This substance is popularly used for treatment of wrinkles and unwanted creases around the lips or mouth, as well as for under eye lines. You can also use this technique for enhancement of lip volume as for many people, the loss of lip volume with aging is their biggest trouble. Restylane injections are approved by the FDA for skincare treatments as they do not leave any side effects.

Instant beauty:

Restylane is one of the best options for those who need an instant beauty boost. It can be used for enhancing your looks for your wedding, for birthday parties or for reunions. You will find its long lasting results so beautiful and they will give you a natural look.

About the treatment:

First of all, you need to select the area for treatment and discuss your requirements with your doctor. The restylane injection process actually takes time, ranging from a few minutes to one hour so this process can be completed within your office lunch break.

The best thing to know is that you can immediately return back to your work after treatment as it does not disrupt your routine life schedule. Doctors make use of a very fine needle that may cause a little pain as well as discomfort at the time of treatment. Most of the time, doctors make use of anaesthetic to numb the skin under treatment. One more option for staying away from all discomfort is to use Restylane- L for injection as it consists of lidocaine so it is a better option. Studies have proven that almost 72% people have reported minute discomfort with Restylane-L formulation.

What are possible side effects?

Although no major side effect is found yet, people consider swelling and redness as one of its side effects. However, they are minor issues and will disappear within few days. There is no need to do allergy testing for this treatment and you will be glad to know that restylane does not possess any protein extract from animals.

How long will the results last?

The results will start appearing immediately after treatment but complete effect will be observed only after a few days. As hyaluronic acid works by combining all the water store houses inside body, the process takes a little time and finally reduces dryness in the body while making it much smoother, firmer and youthful. It would be preferable to contact under eye fillers Singapore experts for complete details about this process.