Tips to Help You Choose The Best Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

A kitchen is more than a place where you cook for the family. It is a reflection of your values and personality. A fool proof way of ensuring that the kitchen remains spotless is by refraining from cooking but sadly, these spaces are meant to be functional than ornamental.

Backsplash tiles ensure that any sign of spillage is removable. There are many varieties of backsplash tiles available. The one you choose is an extension of your personal style. The pattern chosen mustn’t be so radical that it causes a sore eye. It should be distinct, yet with the overall style of the kitchen.

Tips on choosing the right backsplash tile

Suppliers of kitchen tile Singapore list out these assistive tips that come handy while choosing the right backsplash tiles:

Know your style: You need to be clear on this point before you step into a tile store. Are you looking for an isolated stand-out piece that is contemporary or staying safe with traditional choices? If you are unsure on sticking to just one choice, you can mix up patterns. You can find help at suppliers of kitchen tile Singapore who will take you through all the patterns.

The unification rule: No matter the chosen style or styles, the backsplash tile should go with the counter and the general look of the kitchen. This ensures that design balance is maintained.

Shake it up: Keeping in mind that all the elements must be harmonious, don’t shy away from mixing up styles and patterns. White backsplash tiles are pristine, but do you really want to make the kitchen look like a factory installed space? The easiest way to add more elements is by using hints of metal tiles.

Glassy: Glass tiles are currently trending. They are easy to clean and are resistant to scratches (unless you go at it with a knife). You can turn it into a piece of art by installing glass mosaic instead of tiles.

Pattern to the rescue: The safest bet when you’re unsure is to choose a pattern tile. There is an entire world beyond ‘fruit/vegetable basket’. Look into the latest water jet patterns. You needn’t cover the entire area with these; just limit it to the center to add drama.

Look at a few sample kitchen backsplash tiles before you’re shopping to give you a basic idea on what to expect.

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