The Singapore Style of Math Enrichment Classes

If you ask people about what subject they hate the most, many would actually say that they hate math. If you are one of those who hate math, then you are also probably wondering how some people could answer math problems that fast. You are wondering how they could easily understand and memorize the formulas and concepts. Well, maybe the way it was taught could also actually contribute to the issue. There are several methods that could be used in teaching math and some of them are really effective.

ResponsiveEd will tell us about the Singapore Method for elementary mathematics. Let us read below.

The Singapore Method for Elementary Mathematics

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m just not a math person”? When I was younger I used to say it all the time, and I hear it all the time from our students (though less and less these days). A lot of people have the idea that you are either good at reading books or you are good at numbers, and it’s not possible to do both things well. Those people have it wrong! Classical education is a liberal education, a well-rounded education. If done right, it teaches students to love knowing things–things about numbers, things about letters and sentences, things about the past, things about the present–and the curiosity to keep searching for knowledge long after they finish school. At Founders, we strive to cultivate in our students, a desire for knowledge of all kinds and the virtue to use that knowledge well.

Why is it that you rarely hear someone say, “I’m just not a reading person,” or, “I’m not really a science person”? Why is it always math? At Founders Classical Academy of Leander, we have a few ideas about that, and we chose to use Singapore math in the grammar school because we think it will teach our students to be math people because they are knowers. We think that many math curricula fall short, and that what we are doing at Founders can create confidence and, even, enthusiasm about mathematics. Read more here.

What the article stresses is all about the Singapore method of teaching Mathematics which states that mathematical concepts have to be taught in a certain order. That is their secret and it is surprisingly effective. This method is slowly becoming popular and some countries are already adapting the concept. Because of this, the Singapore method in now customized to suit schools abroad.

Yuen Shin

Customising ‘Singapore maths’ for use in schools abroad

The Singapore approach to teaching maths has become so popular that “Singapore maths” has become a familiar phrase with teachers and students in at least 14 countries, even as far as South Africa and Chile.

It has produced results too.

Studies in Britain, India and the United States have shown that the test scores of their pupils at the primary school level improve when they are taught mathematics the Singapore way.

But some overseas teachers may face issues in trying to incorporate content from Singapore maths into their own national curriculum. For instance, not all British secondary schools that incorporate Singapore maths adopt customised teaching materials.

So the National Institute of Education (NIE) is embarking on a pilot project to learn how Singapore- style teaching techniques for maths can be better incorporated into a foreign curriculum. Read more here.

Good thing that the National Institute for Education is making ways for the Singapore method to be incorporated in foreign schools. More and more students can now benefit from it and many will learn math better. Now, let us talk about a math and science studio that helps the enrichment center achieve results. Advertorial will tell us more about this. Let us read below.

5 Things about Raymond’s Math & Science Studio That Help the Enrichment Centre Achieve Results

Raymond’s Math & Science Studio (RMSS) isn’t your run-of-the-mill drill-and-kill type of tuition centre. Raymond Loh, the founder of RMSS, and his team of teachers (all working full-time with the centre) tailor their teaching by first understanding what it’s like from his students’ point of view.
We recently caught up with Raymond and discovered 5 unique things about RMSS that helps them achieve results.

1) Strong family culture

“We have a tightly-knit family culture. We believe in building strong relationships andrapport with our students, so they are accepted here at RMSS no matter what level they are currently at.”

You might be wondering, why on earth does an enrichment centre need to be like family to your child? Well, RMSS has a special ingredient in their tutoring method – they work hard and play hard – and this helps to keep students on their toes and motivated to strive and do their best. Read more here.

Raymond’s Math and Science Studio offers us these five secrets behind their success. These are: strong family culture, in-house curriculum, teach by strategy not by topics, foster belief and confidence in our kids, foster belief and confidence in our kids. Learning math might be difficult, but actually all it takes is a right teacher who knows the right and appropriate method in teaching. The Singapore Method is just one example of an effective way of teaching math and it is nice to think that it is being adapted by other countries already. To find out more about the Singapore style of math enrichment classes, head over to to understand more about how you or your child can enjoy learning math in Singapore.