Rates of Secondary School Tuition Fees in Singapore

Tuitions aren’t restricted to the academic dwarfs any longer, as more elite students are turning to tuitions. Teaching in schools is becoming less efficient; the time allocated is limited, whereas there are a lot of students. Completing the syllabus at the provided time frame becomes difficult. With these, many see Secondary math tuition centers as the best alternative for their kids. Tuition offers one to one scenarios or small group classes. Students get more confidence to ask questions and revise over assignments. 

It would be wrong for us to give you all these details without revealing to you how much you are going to spend on the tuition fees. We did a little research and came up with some figures for you. These are the average tuition fees charged by tutors in Singapore. These figures, however, are a rough guide. Rates might change and so differ a little bit with ours. It’s therefore essential that you enquire from different centers if you’re planning to take your kid there.

Tutors who possess higher qualifications or those that are more experienced will charge higher rates. Their services, on the other hand, will be more efficient; no compromise. Tutors trained by the Ministry of Education will charge you 50% to 100% more as compared to those with ‘A’ Level and Diploma holders. On top of them being more experienced, they have received a ‘more diverse’ training, and this justifies their fees. Another trend is that some tutors tend to charge approximately 15% more for every two years of teaching experience.

Although Singapore is a small country, most tutors prefer to have students who are residentially near them; otherwise, transport costs will also be incorporated. During the school term, your child might be busy with classes and co-curricular activities. For this matter, you may opt to hire a full-time tutor. 

The higher the fees, the more skills the tutors bring to the table. We have to mention that it is difficult to find a well-trained tutor who will also be willing to travel to your place of residence for the sake of your child. With these rates, you can opt to go for the services that are within your budget. You shouldn’t dispute other tutors based on their prices. Some Diploma holder tutors will provide equally efficient services that will have a significant impact on the academic life of your child.