Different textures of floor tiles

Flooring is a vital part of constructing a building. Without a floor, a building is incomplete. As a floor in your house and office is indispensable, many adorn the floor as per their aesthetic sense. The floor often is an aspect in the house where the owner lets his or her creativity take its course. Thus, the floor becomes an object of artistic pursuit for the owner of the house. Many offices also customize their flooring to make it suit their brand colors. Many experimentations are done with the floor patterns and the kind of material that is used to make the floor.

One way of customizing the floor is by using different types of material to have varied textures for the floor. This gives your house a varied look. For offices, people usually try and maintain uniformity. Tiles are one material that is used very commonly for making floors. This is because tiles are resilient to damage and are easy to maintain. Tile flooring is very common in modern architecture as it is available in varied shapes, different abstract patterns and even different types of textures that enhance the look of the rooms in the house.

Different textures of tiles:

Tile is made from a variety of materials like stone, quartz, terrazzo, clay and even metal. As different materials are used to make tiles, it is very easy to get different kinds of textures. The two most commonly used tile flooring is ceramic and natural stone.

Ceramic tiles are made of clay and heated in kilns to give it a shape. Ceramic tiles have two varieties: porcelain or glazed and non-porcelain or unglazed. Glazed tiles can further have a glossy or matte texture. Non-porcelain tiles are more durable and are usually harder to work with. They have a matte finish. Floor tiles in Singapore are available in plenty as there are many new modern day buildings that are coming up.

Natural stone tiles are made from natural materials like stone, terrazzo or quartz and they are cut in different shapes and sizes. These slabs are then sold in the market. Granite tiles are usually used to make kitchen slabs and floors as they do not lose their sheen easily and are easy to clean. Marble is very regal looking and are usually used for floors. Travertine is a kind of limestone that has a crystalline look and is used for floors. These different kinds of floor tiles in Singapore are used in buildings with the state-of-the-art architecture.

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